Thatching Services

Traditional or contemporary

Mike offers a range of thatching services all across Ireland, from traditional to contemporary thatching, ridging or ridge repairs and also general maintenance and upkeep of your thatched roof.

Traditional Thatching Services

Using traditional materials to ensure the integrity of your heritage asset.

Contemporary Thatching

Thatching the roofs of new builds and new roofs.

Ridging - Ridge replacement

Usually required every 8 – 12 years.

Maintenance and upkeep

Monitoring your roof to ensure small maintenance jobs don’t end up being large repairs.

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Every roof is different. Mike will offer his expert opinion on the best method and materials to use before stripping, preparing then rethatching your traditional roof.

New buildings can be thatched using modern tools and techniques. Thatch is very accommodating and will adapt to many different roof designs to create a beautiful roof.

Ridges wear over time so will need to be repaired and/or replaced. A ridge should last 8 – 12 years before it needs replacing. During this process it is good practice to check the whole roof for serviceability.

Sometimes a roof may get storm damaged, bird damage, or just wear a little under a chimney. Keeping on top of these small maintenance jobs helps prevent extensive, more expensive repairs later on.

Water reed thatching

Sustainable Eco friendly

Mike Davies thatches exclusively using water reed. Water reed is sustainable and environmentally friendly. It is the ultimate green-roofing material. To learn more about water reed, and roof thatching, please click the button. This will take you to our links page where you will find online resources to view and read.

Examples of

Mike's Work

Thatched cottage in Roscommon. Thatched by roof thatcher Mike Davies, offering thatching services all across Ireland.
Thatched Cottage
Thatched by Mike Davies - roof thatcher offering thatching services all over Ireland
Thatched House
Thatched pub - Thatched cottage bar and restaurant at Ballycommon, County Tipperary, Ireland. Thatched by Mike Davies.
Thatched Pub
Thatched gazebo - Thtached by Mike Davies offering thatching services all over Ireland.
Thatched Gazebo
Thatched observatory by Mike Davies - Roof Thatcher in Ireland. The Science and Nature observation cabin at the Lullymore Heritage Park, Lullymore, County Kildare, Ireland.
Thatched observatory
Thatched Crannog in Ireland
Thatched Crannog

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