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Thatched roof Cost


Thatched Roof Cost – Get an estimate from Thatching Ireland for the thatching or rethatching of your cottage, house, gazebo, heritage park or any other structure.

Thatching costs

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A typical thatched roof costs more than its cement tiled or slated roof counterparts. Overall costs are comparable as there are no gutters, downpipes, soakaways, soffit boards, or the need to paint and maintain these items.

It’s often difficult to provide pricing due to the varying nature of the work.

However, please feel free to contact Mike via email or telephone and
he can discuss your requirements and prepare a competitive price that’s
right for you.

Site Visits:

Roof reports.
Estimates and Quotations.
General advice.

*Site visits must be booked early and paid for in advance.*

To get a quick estimate please follow the instructions below. 

Once you have received the estimate from me you can decide whether or not you would like a firm price/fixed quotation. A site visit then can be arranged at a convenient time for both parties. Due to the current volatility in materials prices and the cost of shipping quotes are valid for short durations. 



Measure your building’s footprint. You can draw this onto a sheet of paper, take a photo of it and send it with the images.



Take photos, ensuring all of building is captured. Please include area surrounding the property for evaluating access, material storage etc.



Email the measurements, images and your location / Eircode to me and I will get back to you with an estimate.

Current Pricing Situation

Supply Volatility

Due to the current global issues the costs related to materials and transport are becoming increasingly difficult to predict. At present prices can only be estimated. Fixed quotes are now only valid for few months. This is an unfortunate situation and makes life extremely difficult for all involved. We carry stock for one to two roofs at a time so with each new delivery prices can fluctuate. 

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